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Lou Lenart 1921-2015

With heavy hearts, we announce that Lou Lenart passed away on Monday, July 20, at age 94. He was a hero through and through. A former World War II Marine Corp pilot who flew in the Pacific, Lou was one of the first volunteer pilots to arrive in Israel in May 1948. He led the Israeli Air Force’s first combat mission on May 29, 1948, striking a column of Egyptian trucks and tanks less than 30 miles from Tel Aviv. Lou’s actions stopped the Egyptians in their tracks. The mission is considered one of the most important ones in Israel’s War of Independence. After the war, Lou helped airlift Iraqi Jews to Israel and flew for El Al Airlines. He became a film producer and consultant.

"I am so very grateful for Lou and the help he gave us when he agreed to allow us into his life with ABOVE AND BEYOND,” says producer Nancy Spielberg. "He is legendary. And it's not often that we are blessed to have spent time with a legend, someone who has truly impacted all of our lives and has given us a gift which we all treasure - the State of Israel."

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