Above and Beyond

San Diego Awards

We're thrilled to win Best Feature Documentary and the Audience Award at the San Diego Jewish Film Festival!


From San Diego Jewish World writer Jack Forman:

In its comprehensiveness, depth, and documentation, the story told in this heartfelt and riveting feature length documentary rises over, above and beyond any film or book chronicling the American Jewish contribution to defending the nascent State of Israel during the 1948 War of Independence. Most of the participants portrayed directly or indirectly in Above and Beyond were motivated not by an abiding commitment to Judaism or allegiance to the State of Israel; they were mostly secular Jews who had little knowledge of or connection to Israel. But the overwhelming passion that drove these volunteers to risk their lives for this mission was to ensure that the Holocaust would not be repeated ever again, and the only way to guarantee this was to secure a Jewish homeland.

Nancy Spielberg and Roberta Grossman and the many other film professionals they engaged to make this film deserve our deep gratitude and everlasting thanks for this tour de force. And so does the San Diego Jewish Film Festival for screening Above and Beyond.



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