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Coming Soon to NYC

Dear Friends of Above and Beyond:

Happy New Year!

Above and Beyond is off and running! The film is booked in festivals around the world with more requests coming in every day. We are very excited that Above and Beyond is going to screen at the prestigious DOC NYC! The screening is on November 16th, 2014 at 4:30pm. I will be there doing Q&A. Click here to buy tickets.

Here are the other cities where the film is playing in the next four months:

Toronto JFF weekend: Oct 19 with director Roberta Grossman

Heartland Film Festival, Indianapolis: Oct 18, 20, 21, 23

Or Shalom Film Society, London, ON: Oct 19

Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival, Minneapolis: Oct 26 with  Nancy Spielberg

Rutgers Jewish Film Festival: Oct 26, Oct 29 with Nancy Spielberg, Nov 4

Milwaukee Israel Bonds: Nov 3 with Nancy Spielberg

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema: Nov 2, Nov 4 with Nancy Spielberg

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival : Nov 5

Israel Film Festival, Los Angeles: Nov 3, Nov 6 with director Roberta Grossman

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival: Nov 6 with Nancy Spielberg

Gold Coast Film Festival, Long Island: Nov 8

Beth Tzedek Calgary Jewish Film Festival : Nov 8 with Nancy Spielberg

UK Jewish Film Festival: Nov 8,11,13,16

Boston Jewish Film Festival: Nov 11 and 12 with Nancy Spielberg

Nashville Jewish Film Festival: Nov 12 and 13 with Nancy Spielberg

Philadelphia Festival of Israeli Film: Nov 15 with Nancy Spielberg

DOC NYC: Nov 16 with Nancy Spielberg

Jewish International Film Festival, Australia and New Zealand: Nov 16 and 23

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, Dec 7

I look forward to seeing many of you as I travel with the film.


Nancy Spielberg

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